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Online - Offline Business & Direct Marketing Genius, Alan Bechtold, Applauds Margaret's Business Marketing in Orlando, Florida

Famed Direct Marketer, Alan Bechtold, Applauds Margaret's Innovative, Integrated Online-Offline Business Marketing

Local Business Marketing and Creative Campaign Strategist, Margaret Hampton, embraced an opportunity with national direct marketer, the “Legendary Consultant” David Preston, and his partners, Michael Ambrosio and James Steiner in 2009, first to bring Easy Local SEM and related business promotion services to local businesses – starting in her “neighborhoods” of North Florida, Central Florida and West Florida – and to boost your business wherever in the U.S.A. YOU are!

Since then, Florida Local SEO has grown to become your one-stop Online Business Presence Team with Integrated Business Marketing Services to develop your online branding and marketing strategy, and implement those elements you need – whether it’s a new, SEO optimized and high converting website, monthly search marketing services for boosting your visibility and authority standing in the search engines, directories, social media, videos, list building, point-of-sale, mobile marketing or other marketing needs to help you achieve YOUR business objectives.

With the addition to the team of (1) national award-winning wholesale distributor and wholesale/retail consultant, Linda Carey of Vibrant Business Today, and (2) our newest addition, the mobile marketing back-of-the house that’s serving Fortune 500 companies, Florida Local SEO’s creative team is now uniquely positioned to integrate the most innovative services that answer YOUR needs and those of your prospects. . . whether online, offline or mobile . . . and to institute creative joint promotions to grow wholesalers’ businesses and those of the retailer “rooftops” simultaneously, while building your brand, your list, your sales and bringing eager consumers back for more!

We get you RESULTS.  What else is there?

David Preston, internationally respected best-selling author, speaker, consultant, internet joint venture broker and product launch specialist, has been featured in hundreds of articles written by many of the top marketing experts as well as guest appearances in the news and on live talk radio shows.  He receives an average of $25,000 for a one hour speaking engagement and is booked for months in advance.  David has partnered or consulted with the largest industry giants today, and has multiple best-selling information products and courses on the internet

David’s passion is helping business owners harness the true power of the internet… and to make it EASY…“because you don’t have time to do it yourself!” He has taught workshops to business owners worldwide for many organizations, including the Small Business Administration and local community groups.

A lifetime member of the Internet Marketing Inner Circle, David is a Certified International Joint Venture Broker and was recently considered as “One of the top 50 most influential marketers on the planet” in a recent poll. He is the founder and director of Legendary Consultants LLC serving businesses nationally from offices in many states… all striving to help business owners increase their profits, lower costs and realize a stronger ROI in their marketing.

What does this mean for you?

Combining the marketing team he assembled in 2009 with partners Michael Ambrosio and James Steiner, and now adding the impressive strategic planning, business expansion, internet marketing and social media experience of Margaret Hampton, you will see your profits soar!

So let’s get started…

Position your website to benefit from our powerful marketing services – including consistent online Branding, SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Reputation Management and more – to dominate your market niche and generate more leads and customers by requesting a free custom website analysis ($250 or higher value) by clicking on the link below.

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Margaret Hampton, Gainesville, Florida, Local Business Marketing

Local Business Marketing, Website Traffic & Ranking Specialist, Margaret Hampton, Florida

Margaret Hampton is a highly effective, results-oriented Local Business Marketing and Search Marketing consultant serving much of Florida and beyond. After 30 years in cities (New York, DC, Atlanta), the Florida native now operates out of the Gainesville, FL and Crystal River areas – but with activities ranging from Naples to Tampa, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, Tallahassee and the Florida Panhandle, in addition to her former home, Atlanta, and YOUR city. She will help you where YOU are!

Margaret’s more than 30 years of business consulting (from inside institutions and independently) have given her a deep understanding of all aspects of business. Exceptional growth with cost containment, customer satisfaction, and profits has been the focus of her adult life – for billion-dollar and small businesses alike.

For example, as a former corporate Senior Vice President of Planning and Development, Margaret led that billion-dollar institution to treble in size and quintuple in shareholder profitability (earnings per share, and yes, that’s 500 percent) in only four years. It’s no wonder she is listed in more than ten “Who’s Who” publications, with innumerable honors!

But Margaret’s love has always been young companies and local businesses who can make a real impact in their local markets. One of the earliest members of  [then] “Atlanta Venture Forum,” she has been helping small business owners since the 1970′s, starting with pro bono business plans after hours… then as a primary business focus with such work as marketing and operational details for The Glass Doctor’s original franchise plan… and in 1986, finding a rapidly growing, highly fragmented niche market opportunity in the newly emerging “pre-recorded videocassette” industry. Her unique business plan there for a “superstore” strategy was truly ground-breaking. (Think a Blockbuster…)

Passionate about helping others and respected by high-level business leaders, Margaret contributed her business expertise and long hours on charitable boards such as the National Board of the Leukemia Society of America. She also conducted workshops pro bono on project feasibility analysis, finance and planning for such organizations as the Small Business Administration (SBA), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and Emory University… and more recently on Social Media Marketing.

And for your professional practice, local retail outlet or service business, franchise or wholesale business?. . . That’s where Integrated Online-Offline Business Marketing Services come in!

Ross Goldberg is Margaret Hampton's prime Website Traffic & Ranking Mentor

Margaret Hampton With Website Traffic Genius, Ross Goldberg In Sarasota, Florida

With an ever-alert eye for new marketing channels, Margaret jumps on ideas for using the internet and emerging mobile marketing technologies to give local businesses, franchises and national chains the leading edge over their competition. No matter if you are truly local or national, whether a professional or retailer or wholesaler, each individual consumer IS local, and each individual outlet IS local!

So Margaret’s team helps you meet your customers WHERE they are, WHEN they are looking, and HOW they are looking, with brand-building, loyalty-building, intriguing enticements to draw them in to YOUR website, your office or local storefront door to BUY!

She completed the IM Leadership and Apprentice programs with marketing “guru,” Howie Schwartz… numerous workshops and programs with her friend, the “Immortal Consultant” and #1 Website Traffic Expert, Ross Goldberg, and other internet marketing leaders… is an active member of the exclusive Mastermind “Sovereign Society” with Ross Goldberg and “The Faster Webmaster” Erik Stafford, and acquired David Preston’s ground-breaking, local business “Cash Cow” program before aligning this consulting representation with Easy Local SEM in Florida (and Anywhere, USA).

But it’s not just computers any more.  Five times as many consumers have cell phones.  So Margaret jumped with the original Mobile Monopoly and is an original, lifetime member of Mobile Mastermind and other state-of-the-art mobile marketing experts- to keep your local business marketing highly visible and on the cutting edge – to be found how and where YOUR customers are searching, even on their phones and at the point of sale!  To deliver special mobile promotions to keep them coming back for more!

It’s all about integrating the precise business marketing services that YOU need, based on your goals, your target markets, your budget.

From her own extensive understanding of online and offline marketing and business profitability, Margaret will diagnose your business needs and solutions to drive new customers through your door – with special techniques for customer retention – at low cost for high profits!

But delivering the goods – especially integrating Offline-Online Business Marketing Services for innovative marketing campaigns your customers love! – takes more than one pair of hands.

SEO expert, Margaret Hampton, joins with internet marketing guru, Howie Schwartz, in Orlando, Florida

SEO Expert Margaret Hampton With Internet Marketing Guru, Howie Schwartz, in Orlando, Florida

Enter the Easy Local SEM impressive team of experts and support personnel for the many-hands that one person alone could not deliver (except with extremely long hours and costs of thousands of dollars) – bringing the wealth of knowledge of multiple specialists who care about YOUR SUCCESS – making this the perfect “partner” for Margaret to deliver exactly what you need quickly and sustainably.

So together, Easy Local SEM and Margaret offer you the highest level of competence and experience in internet marketing and business development for YOUR outstanding success…

Think of it as New York expertise with hands-on, local support…

…And all for only a fraction of what you would pay the typical website, SEO, or internet marketing solo “consultant” or big SEO firm… and with greater effect and for far less cost than you might already be paying for Yellow Pages ads, billboards, or online Pay-Per-Click advertising.

So check out the Easy Local SEM / Florida Local SEO team for yourself. No obligation.

It’s free and easy. Just fill in the short form to get your Customized Website Optimization Analysis. And if you do nothing other than implement some of the recommendations in the valuable analysis, you will be way ahead of the game… and of your competition!

Also See Our:

* Website Traffic and Ranking Services with Original, Syndicated Content

* Social Media Marketing Packages to Jumpstart Your Local Business

* Professional Web Site Design Service Showcasing Your Business

* Mobile Websites – 1 out of 3 Searches is Mobile – Don’t miss it!

* Starter Packages for Local Businesses (designed by Margaret)

* Custom On-Line Presence Planning and Boutique Services from Margaret!

* Innovative Point-Of-Sale and Mobile Marketing Campaigns, with use of QR codes, mobile list building, special customer promotions, autoresponder appointment reminders, and much more your advertising agency never dreamed of!  Realtors, medical doctors, lawyers, plumbers, restaurants and anyone in business, large or small, you don’t want to miss the creative uses of these tools available only from this incredible team!

* Unique National Wholesaler Marketing Campaigns, increasing rooftops, wholesale orders and retailer loyalty, plus Retailer / Wholesaler Joint Promotions building consumer brand loyalty while increasing retail initial and repeat sales – in conjunction with national award-winning wholesale marketing consultant, Linda Carey of Vibrant Business Today!

Linda Carey of Vibrant Business Today joins Margaret Hampton of Florida Local SEO to bring business marketing services providing an Optimized Online Business Presence for Local Businesses, Retailers and Wholesalers

Contact Margaret Hampton or Linda Carey to give you Vibrant Business Marketing with an Optimized Online Business Presence and More!

Local and National Businesses . . . professionals, service providers, retailers and wholesalers . . . get your customized Online Marketing Plan integrating POS with Mobile interaction and relationship building with your clients and customers . . . Ensure your website and online content are SEO optimized and integrated with Social Media, the way your customers and prospects communicate today . . . And mushroom your profits, visibility and credibility with specialized Integrated Business Marketing Services today!

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Serving North FL, Central FL, West FL
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