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Mobile Marketing - Hot marketing trends now reach customers through smart phones and mobilemarketing where they are

Mobile Marketing - It's The Next New Thing!

Mobile phones have penetrated the marketplace, becoming more than just a commodity. Most people currently carry a cell phone along with them wherever they go! Cellular phones are the most cherished equipment for many people who even sleep with them at their side, always answer them promptly, and eagerly open their text messages… most messages within the first 5 minutes!

In fact, the best way a person can be contacted by you is simply by way of a text message from you. This exact same tactic is now being implemented by local business using mobile marketing.

So if you want to communicate with your market in the most relevant, personal and interactive way, don’t you think there just might be some creative ways you can use mobile phone devices?

Are You Using Mobile Marketing Strategies Yet?

There are mobile marketing systems that are fast, easy and inexpensive – to help you economize your time, energy, effort and cash reserves while driving hordes of new and repeat traffic through your door!

That’s why we have partnered with an industry leader in mobile marketing
back-office facilities to bring you innovative ways to integrate mobile strategies into the marketing plan for your business, often combined with point-of-sale (POS), email marketing, special promotions and coupons, appointment scheduling and more.

It’s part of our dedication to help local businesses get more local leads and sales by using the channels your customers are using — Website SEO and Search Marketing, Local SEO, Local Directories and Maps, Social Media Marketing, clickable image Classified Ads and Mobile Marketing. We’ll be sharing much more about this in coming posts, webinars and articles, but for now, here are some realities to consider.

Smart phones are internet enabled.
People do not need to go to their home pc to be able to search for and purchase their favorite items from stores. The new consumer can carry out all sorts of transactions from the comfort of an easy chair. They use the browser on the smart phone to check email or do internet searches, and the quickly see new messages.

The consumer responds to new text messages eagerly
, with studies showing 97% of all text messages get opened!  So SMS / text messaging, mobile sign-ups for email lists, mobile banner ads, mobile aps, location specific promotion … all of these and more are a part of the now established direction in marketing and advertising, mobile phone promotion.

The massive amount and sheer size of sales volume related to mobile marketing will be tremendous! This marketing channel is rapidly approaching par with e-commerce. Now that’s saying something!

How Is Mobile Marketing Being Used Today?

The main avenues of mobile promotion currently relate to:

  • Applications a smart phone uses, or other interactive gadgets that are speeding up ideas and conversations.
  • Customer service, appointment reminders, and customer deals for all sorts of things.
  • Better video cameras and standardization for quickly sharing photos with friends and online.
  • More sharing platforms for social interaction, location/store/restaurant information, hooking up with friends.
  • Q-Codes and Short Codes for discounts and freebies through real time mobile coupons.

Soon even your Health Care provider will offer their services through mobile devices, making it easy to shedule, confirm appointments, and touch base for critical care needs.

A lot more local small businesses are beginning to choose to provide information regarding their particular expert services via brief, to-the-point mobile landing pages and detailed Local Places and Maps – so people on the go find them, walk in their doors, and buy from them! – as well as starting to capture phone numbers and email addresses through mobile lead capture pages.

Then the local business can follow with mobile message texting – selectively, not too often, and always giving value. You want to build relationship, loyalty, repeat business… NOT spam someone, annoy them and drive them away!

Depending upon what the target customer has responded to and the nature of the business, the customer might receive two-for-one specials for tonight at a restaurant, notice of a showing of new clothing styles or a special live event, discount coupons, new release information for a hot new show, and more.  These are all  announced via a simple sales message.

The volume of traffic your web page receives by way of mobile phones is now being tracked by the major search engines in order to start ranking these mobile ready sites, so it’s a “whole new internet!” . . . One you can’t afford to miss, because your competitor won’t!

Mobile phone marketing and advertising can save you a small fortune when compared with other marketing methods, so why not give it a try?

Are You Ready To Explore Mobile Marketing Ideas For YOUR Business?

Contact us for creative mobile marketing ideas. If you’re like most local businesses, you’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it is, how trackable, and how profitable . . . “FOUND MONEY!”


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