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Studies predict that up to 83% of customers in a variety of businesses will use online and mobile tools to find products, conduct research, comparison shop, make the purchase or find the number to call or store to visit… and then to continue a relationship with a company after purchasing.

That’s where we come in… getting you seen, positioned as the product/service provider of choice, all the while developing prospect leads and client lists, and helping with customer loyalty and continuity. That’s what Search Marketing is all about.  So let’s start with the traffic to connect with people in the first place!

You are clearly more than busy in your business, which is where your focus needs to be. So we take care of all the little things that go into making your services and website easier for your target prospects to find. We’re the experts. We’re here to help your business obtain the (multiple) page one Google™ rankings you need to succeed!

Choose The Search Marketing Package That’s Right For You!

We now offer THREE (3) levels of our Search Marketing and Website Traffic Services Packages – complete packages to build your online business presence and search engine rankings quickly and sustainably… to get you seen at the top of the search results… to drive more customers through your door and make your cash register ring, over and over!

These are not the quick-fix, “black hat” techniques that you see all over the internet, nor the volumes of spamy links that bring little value (or worse, get your website banned by Google). They involve the creation and syndication of quality content that the search engines love, placed on quality sites that boost your site’s credibility and the power of the links pointing back to your business’ website.

Once out there, this optimized content and links remain on the internet forever, continuing to support your business, building your competitive edge year after year, driving more and more customers through your door.

Starting at just $999, these search marketing, traffic and ranking packages are designed with flexibility in mind to match your needs and budget.

The packages all include the following universally needed, online marketing services and much more. For a chart with complete breakdown of each service level and its many components, and to SIGN UP, go to our Easy Local SEM Online Ranking And Internet Marketing Services.

Detailed Breakdown Of Our Website Traffic & Ranking Services

When you join our monthly Search Marketing and Website Traffic Building Service, this is what you can expect to receive…

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO starts with identifying the best keywords or search phrases to help you move up in search results, so your prospects find YOU when they search for what you offer. With the help of your feedback about your business, we will research the top key words or key phrases that we feel will help your business the most. Beginning with our most basic marketing package, our SEO experts will optimize one page of your website for those key search terms.

Additionally, Margaret Hampton will delve ever more deeply into your website’s and blog’s onsite search engine optimization and linking strategies as well as your total Online Business Presence Strategic Plan, after conducting in-depth, online market and competitive research … all according to the personal level of service and additional components you agree upon with her.

Why a limited number of keywords?

Others claim they will develop a list of thousands of keywords, so why don’t we?… It’s easy to compile a large list using the many proprietary research tools we can access, and certainly over time we will use variations of your main key phrases to continue to build your strength in all those forms.

But that’s not the most effective – or cost effective – way for you to start. First, good, comprehensive research is a time consuming process that will generate many key words that may not do all that much for you. Since your business is mainly interested in bringing people into your store or to your website to buy, that allows us to concentrate on marketing those search terms that will help you the most.

Once we find the best search phrases,
our SEO team will then optimize your page for the top three of your choice. We only focus on a maximum of three on a page in order to keep your search results laser focused to the target audience needs. That also sends a signal to the search engines that the page is specifically focused on those terms and should be high on the list of search results for them when your prospects type a query into their browsers.

Want to optimize additional pages?
Please contact Margaret Hampton to help you determine how to optimize all the other pages on your website, blog, YouTube channel and social sites. Margaret will work directly with you on that for an additional investment.

#2. Article Writing, Distribution, Publishing

The classic article strategy has proven to be the cornerstone of enduring, maximum exposure for your company… with better optimization and distribution tactics.

And you don’t have to lift a finger!
Our expert writers and technicians will take care of creating and distributing your content.

We do not rehash or spin content that’s already on the web, as so many services do. Our experienced and professional writers will write brand NEW and 100% ORIGINAL articles on the topic YOU choose. The article(s) will then be re-written using a proprietary “system” that generates dozens of UNIQUE versions of the original article.

Each one of these UNIQUE articles will then be distributed all over the Internet, giving you a quality presence on multiple websites, all with keyword rich links back to your website.

Do you need content for your Blog?
Your article(s) will also be made available for you to use there. Ask Margaret Hampton about other blog content ideas, and a proprietary blog plugin to help you optimize your own blog posts without any technical knowledge.

For even more visibility, a copy of your article will also be sent to other Blogs and network web sites related to your industry.

#3. Press Release Writing and Distribution

The press releases is a proven promotion strategy that not only enhances your business image and gives you instant visibility, but it can increase current and future sales.

How? By both giving your business and website more immediate exposure, and by staying on the internet, helping get traffic years down the road. Press releases also help your site to rank better in the search engines by continuing to provide quality, keyword rich backlinks to it.

Another reason we love press releases is that they can rank quickly themselves. This gives you yet another possible page one position in search results! After all, Google loves news… We’ve have some press releases for new businesses, written with tie-ins to major national or economic news, rank at the top of page one for fairly competitive search phrases, well ahead of much larger, established businesses… and stay there for weeks!

A brand new press release will be created for your business AND distributed to the top press-release networks each and every month! (How many sites depends upon the marketing package you select.)

Professional press release writing is not the domain of many people. Our writers are extremely skilled in turning out amazing press release copy that captivates the readers. They are especially targeted toward news publishers, to get you published, featured, and picked up by more services seeking news for your industry, your locale, your keywords… Of course, they’ll be SEO-ready too.

So let us get some press releases out there for you.
Your prospects will be constantly exposed to your latest news, new product lines or special promotions, and exciting snippets from YOUR company that are important to them. You can air an opinion about something related to your industry or company, share your innovations or industry insider knowledge, and address problems related to your customer needs or your products and services. Just tell our team what you want to focus on … or leave it up to them to find the angle.

Your press releases will help emblazen your brand and company/products right on the top of your prospects’ minds!
When your prospects are ready to buy, who will they buy from? You, of course, because they already know, like, and trust you!

#4. Audio Creation and Distribution

Many people these days prefer to listen to short audio messages rather than reading off their computer screens. In order to capture the attention of such ‘time-starved’ prospects, we’ll not only create a new audio message for your business every month, but also distribute it to the top audio-distribution web sites (aka podcasting sites).

This also brings the crowd that’s hooked to their iPhones into your prospecting funnel. And as always, you retain full control over approvals of what goes out, and we will revise the material as you wish, to accurately reflect YOUR image.

#5. Video Creation and Distribution

Online videos is a powerful strategy for driving lots of target traffic to your website and your business. Statistics show that more people spend time watching online video now than watching TV. YouTube alone plays over 2 BILLION videos each and every day!

Video offers a new way to build credibility and offer massive exposure to your business. So if you are not using videos for your marketing, you are leaving a big chunk of targeted prospects from visiting your web site!

We have content-developers who are skilled in creating stunning videos of your web site, product or services.

So each and every month, a brand new video will be created exclusively for you.
This video will then be distributed to top 10 video sharing sites including Google Videos, YouTube, Revver, and so on, optimized, of course.

You can even grab the embed link from the video we post on YouTube and place the video on your website or blog (without any technical know-how)… or ask us for help doing that. It increases the “stickiness” of your site, meaning people linger there longer. And the longer they linger on your site, the more Google believes your page satisfies their interest, and the more likely your page is to move up in the rankings.

Margaret can teach you all about video optimization for search engine ranking and linking strategies – optimization of your video, of your YouTube channel, and of your webpage or video blog post. Google loves video, and sometimes a relative newcomer’s optimized video shows on page one of the search results ahead of established businesses. It’s yet another way for you to claim multiple positions near the top of the search results!

Again, YOU GAIN! You’ll be expanding your prospecting net to get the attention of people who enjoy watching videos instead of reading articles, all while increasing your company and website’s image and credibility.

#6. Local Directory Listings

Our teams will dig, mine, research, and crawl over broken glass to make a list of “local” engines and directories and make sure your business is visible for local visitors. This is a powerful strategy, and most online businesses are losing a big chunk of local prospects by overlooking it.

These aren’t just automated directory submissions
as many others offer, but hand submissions to directory sites that sometimes permit our adding your photos or videos, services list, link in to maps, and more to promote your business.

We give you the links, so you can send your happy clients to select ones. The more your customers comment and rank you on the services that provide that, the higher you climb in the eyes if the search engines … and in visibility for your prospects.

Want to know the value of LOCAL directories? Think about it. If you’d like to see a dentist, where will you look? 2000 miles away… a neighboring country… or within a 2-mile radius?

Hope you get the idea! That’s why local directories are such an important part of our search engine optimization, search marketing, traffic and ranking services.

So hop on over to the Easy Local SEM Services Menu for Online Ranking And Search Marketing Services, or contact Margaret Hampton now. And don’t forget about your FREE Website Analysis, to which Margaret will add even more!

or Contact Margaret To Get Your Site Analysis!


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