Your concern is operating your actual local business, attracting buyers, and customer retention. Dominating your competitors, and doing it cost-effectively. So why is quality, consistent, local search marketing critical to your success?

Local Search on Google for Your Local Business

Get Your Local Business To Page 1

We’ve discussed a little about the importance of search engine optimization for your website. That’s the base, the online representation of the substance you are marketing. You and your business! Without an optimized site, no matter what you do online, the “dots won’t connect” – at least not in the way they need to for you to dominate the search engines and be listed above your competitors or at least seen on the coveted page one of Google.

You need to go where your prospects and customers are!

They are online. They are mobile. Most are search savvy, in a hurry, and looking for something specific – Fast! Whoever pops up near the top of Google, with an interesting and directly relevant tagline, seems credible and worth checking out. Now!

Local searchers want to know where the best Italian restaurant is in this town… where to buy a specific brand of shoe locally… who’s the best local chiropractor to end this back pain… who’s the top realtor in the specific market area… where to find a cosmetic surgeon or get good cosmetic dentistry… hotels, auto dealerships, and so on.

And they are doing it through Local Search!

The most recent statistics demonstrate why local search is so vital to your future success – and show that most people searching online for something specific are BUYERS!

  • 82% of local searchers follow up via in-store visit, phone call or purchase. (TMP/comScore 2009). These are qualified prospects. These are buyers.
  • 73% of online activity is related to local content. (Google 2009)  People are searching online first to find you and your services – or your competitors.
  • 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for the phonebooks they used to use. (ComScore 2009) And you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for ad space. Most Search Engines are free to advertise on.
  • 35% of all searches are local. (DM News 2009) That is, of all searches of any kind on the internet (including information, browsing, planning, dreaming), more than a third are to find a product or service locally – and those searches tend to have strong buyer intent!
  • 32% of people with smart phones conduct local search. (Google) Now consider that mobile purchase intent is 3 times higher than online purchase intent, then you know how critical it is to be at the top of the list when your prospect is looking. Phones don’t display too many listings in one field, and mobile searchers like to find things fast! No patience to scroll down endless lists. (And besides, most believe that those listings near the top most be the most credible, reliable, popular.)

That’s the kind of traffic you want – targeted prospects, buyers, looking specifically for your business, products, and services. And it’s yours “free” if you have a well-coordinated, consistent SEO marketing plan (such as our affordable LocalSEO core package of services).

But you need constantly to be feeding the Google machine with those things you can control – the what, where, and when:

What? – Quality Content and Backlinks – articles, blogs, videos, audios, press releases, social bookmarks, etc., optimized and relevant.

Where? – In multiple directories, on multiple social sites and news sites, with keyword-specific anchor text links, the right tags and categories, bookmarked timely and pinged.

When? - Consistently. Google looks for freshness. If you don’t show “love” to your site, why should Google? If others are not linking back to you, then why should Google consider you important or still relevant? A consistent linking strategy is critical to maintaining top positions in the search engines.

If you keep building that wall of content and backlinks, your fortress will become formidable and rank high – and so will many of the pages that support it (all that content you’ve published all over the web!) – and it will be difficult for competitors to catch up if they jump in the online marketing game later. As fierce competition tries to take over as “King of the Hill” in the rankings, you can always be circling near the top, where you’ll be seen by your prospects – and with multiple rankings, multiple targeted keywords.

But only if you take Local Search seriously, have an SEO plan, and implement your search marketing strategies consistently. That’s our business, so you can concentrate on yours!


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